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IR Spectrophotometer


Scientific Director

Carlos Pecharromán García


Pedro Rodríguez-Pascual


  • IR Spectrophotometre :
    • Bruker Vertex 70V 

    We can analyze solid, powder, and liquid samples by transmission and reflection ( specular, diffuse, and attenuated) in dry air, nitrogen, and also in vacuum atmosphere.
    The spectral range goes from the far infrared (50 cm-1) up to the visible (18.000 cm-1).

  • Ellipsometer GES 5E from SOPRA, provided with a Xe-lamp and a goniometer, which allows to adjust the angle of incidence on the sample, covering a spectral range from 190 nm to 2000 nm. This Ellipsometer is able to determine the change of the state of polarization of a beam of polarized light produced by the reflection on a polished surface. This technique is especially recommended to determine the thickness and refractive index of thin films (1 nm to 1 micron). It is required a perfectly polished sample with a flat surface.  In addition to ellipsometry, it can make photometric measurements at a fixed polarization state (reflectance and transmittance) under variable angle.


The service processes the materials as received from the customer in order to prepare the samples for the IR spectrophotometres.



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