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Characterization and Growth of Thin Films


Scientific director

Dra. O. Sánchez, Dr. Ignacio Jiménez, Dr. Raúl Gago


Javier Ortiz


The Laboratory for Characterization and Growth of Thin Films has the following equipment and services:

  • Surface profilometer Dektak 150, from Veeco.
  • Portable Raman Analyzers EZ-Raman-N from Enwave Optronics, coupled to an optical microscope Leica DM300 with Nd:YAG (532 nm) laser.
  • Emissometer Model AE1 from Devices & Service Company.
  • Spectrophotometer SolidSpec 3700 UV-VIS-NIR from Shimadzu with Integrating Sphere, Wavelenght range: 190nm-3300nm.
  • FTIR spectroscopy (near-specular reflectance), Varian 660 MID-NEAR IR, with variable incident-angle accessory.
  • Nanoindenter, mod. NanoTest P1, from MicroMaterials, up to 500mN and Berkovich indenter. (100nm)
  • Thin films deposition systems: (i) Sputtering with up to 3 magnetron sources simultaneously for deposition of metals, oxides and nitrides (ii) Nitrogen (or noble gases) Ion beam-assisted thermal evaporation (with two electron guns).
  • Low-pressure annealing at controlled atmosphere. Tubular quartz reactor. Temperatures up to 900°C and Ar, N2 and/or O2 atmosphere.


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