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AFM Tip Coating


Scientific director

Dr. Yves Huttel


  • Ultra High Vacuum Ion Cluster Source and Multiple Ion Cluster Source



The service is devoted to the coating of standard AFM tips by nanoparticles of well-controlled size and chemical composition. The coating of AFM tips using nanoparticles enhances the resolution in AFM imaging (comparable to super sharp), Kelvin probe and other scanning modes. The coatings increases the life time of the tips (long lasting coatings) and are suitable for measuring in tapping, contact or jumping modes. Standard coatings are available as well as customized coatings. For further information, please send an email or call (see below).

10h00 - 13h00 and 15h00 - 18h00



+34 91 334 90 98





The following tariffs are only for users that send their own AFM tips to the service. The service receives the AFM tips, coat them and send them back to the users.

For a complete service, i.e. without sending the user’s own AFM tips to the service, please ask for the specific quotation at

Current Rates (2021)


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