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22 de abril de 2021, 11:00 h. online

Studies on secondary electron emission induced charging in dielectric materials: Novel methods and applications for space and plasma technologies

Leandro Olano Garca

The interaction of ionizing radiation with matter is of critical importance in many areas of science and technology such as space and plasma technology. Secondary electron emission is a direct consequence of electron irradiation on materials. To characterize materials in terms of secondary electron emission, the secondary emission yield (SEY) and the energy spectra of the The results shown in this thesis on the composite materials pave the way to design new materials of low secondary emission yield. These materials are needed in certain vacuum applications, such as RF communications, as a high secondary emission yield produces an electron avalanche that limits the maximum working power of the RF devices. Also, the research on the charging of dielectric materials under electron irradiation has provided a new method to characterize the secondary electron energy spectra of dielectrics. The measurement of these spectra has been traditionally difficult due to the charging of the material as high electron doses were needed. The presented new method allows to obtain the energy spectra with doses of only 10 pC/mm2, which ensures a minimal distortion of the pristine state of the dielectric material by avoiding radiation damage, deep charging, defects, aging and other electron induced phenomena on the insulator.


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